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ARGYLE PARK is a suburb in the very north of Regina. It was built in the boom of the 70's and features modest starter homes. It's a pleasant neighbourhood at the very end of Argyle Road and between Albert Street and Pasqua Street. You'll find single family bungalows and bilevels with 2 or 3 bedrooms on the main level. And garages will be detached ones with access from the front as there are no back alleys in this subdivision. There are also some semi-detached homes as well as some multifamily units. On the west side of the area there is an area with mobile homes which are situated on owned land. In the northeast corner, there is a newer, smaller area called ENGLEWOOD which will be discussed later. The minimum selling price in Argyle Park in 2010 was $224,000, the highest was $337,000 for an average selling price of $258,202.


ENGLEWOOD is located in the northeast corner of ARGYLE PARK in the north part of Regina. It was built in the 80's for the most part. There are a couple of streets that were just built in the last couple of years. Most of these homes have attached garages and are larger than those in the neighbouring ARGYLE PARK. You'll find bungalows, bilevels, 4 level splits, 2 storeys and 2 storey splits. The minimum selling price in 2010 was 223,400, the maximum was $385,000 for an average price of $318,337.


GARDEN RIDGE is a small, unique little neighbourhood located just south of Rochdale Boulevard and north of the pipeline easement. Construction started in the '90's and consists of a mix of condos and single family homes. The condos show great diversity. There are 2 storey townhouse style, garden style, bilevels, bungalows with attached garages................pretty much every design except for apartment condos. The single family homes were built to resemble the character homes of the 1920's and 30's. Many have front porches. And the lots are smaller as well. Most of the streets have back alleys so the homes that do not have single attached garages often have detached garages off the alley. These are ideal for those people that do not want condo living but do not want a large yard to care for. In 2010, the average selling price of a single family home in Gardenridge was $322,767 with the minimum price being $265,000 and the maximum $375,000. For condos, the average selling price was $257,282. The minimum was $206,000 and the maximum was $370,000.


KENSINGTON GREENS  is a new development still in the north that started @ 2007 and is ongoing. It is a very small area that is tucked into a triangular area directly north of Uplands. One reaches it by going straight north up Broad St. There are only single family homes being built here. The concept is a little different. Some of the homes have attached garages but there are many with no garages. There are back alleys here so some home owners have chosen to build garages in the back yards. The average selling price in 2010 was $366,500 with the minimum being $343,000 and the maximum being 420,000.


LAKERIDGE is a large development north of Rochdale Boulevard that was started in the early 1990's and is just finishing up now. It is a Dundee Development so it was designed with much green space as well as a man-made lake as the focal point of the neighbourhood. There is space left for elementary schools but, to this point, none have been built. Children are bussed to public or separate schools. Both high schools are situated on Rochdale Boulevard so they are easily accessible. A lot of the homes built here are custom built and many are executive in design. The homes are larger as one nears the park and lake areas and some are walk-outs. This neighbourhood is bounded on the south side by Rochdale Blvd. so there is lots of convenient shopping and restaurants and services. As one nears these amenities, there are many condo developments - both apartment style and townhouse styles. The average selling price of a single family home in 2010 was $417,573 with the minimum sale price being $288,000 and the maximum being $538,000. Condos sold for an average price of $255,135. The minimum was $$216,000 and the maximum was $308,300.


LAKEWOOD was the first neighbourhood to be built with an artificial lake in it that is surrounded by park area. It was built by Cairns Developments which has now become Dundee Developments. It started in the early 1980's and finished perhaps 10 years ago with the exception of a few houses that were built a couple of years ago on some newly opened up lots. There is a public elementary school situated in this area. Lakewood is located just to the west of Lakeridge and also borders Rochdale Blvd. which has all the services and amenities. The houses are mixed here. Many are executive homes but others are smaller starter type homes. Some of this development is also a PUD development which means that some of the lots are zero lot clearance - where your house ends, your neighbour's property begins.................there is no extra easement between the homes. So the density factor is higher in part of the area. There are a few garden style condos close to Rochdale Blvd. but, most of the homes are single family. Those sold on average in 2010 for $349,112 with a minimum price of $285,000 and a maximum of $440,000. The condos sold on average for $206,000 based on a minimum of $157,500 and a maximum of $258,000. Nice family neighbourhood.


MAPLERIDGE is located directly west of Lakewood and forms the very northwest corner of Regina. The development began in the 80's and there is still construction going on now. It's a area with "move-up" homes. All the homes have attached garages (except for a few that are right on Whelan Drive and mimic the style and value of the homes in Rochdale Park which is directly south.). There are no condos in MAPLERIDGE. There is, however, a separate elementary school which has a French Immersion componant. MAPLERIDGE has quick access to all the amenities on Rochdale Blvd. The average selling price in 2010 was $397,776 with the minimum being $298,000 and the maximum being $540,000.


McCARTHY PARK is located south of Rochdale Boulevard, west of McCarthy Blvd. north of W.H.Ford Park (and public elementary school) and east of a seldon used railroad track. It was built in the late 70's and early '80's with an interesting concept. The yards were all smaller than had been the norm up to this point. And most of the homes were built with the main living areas facing the back yards. Because of the narrower lots, the majority of these houses have a side door entry instead of a more traditional front door. And, most have patio doors off the eating area to the back yard patio or deck. There are, of course, a few exceptions and one can find a few more traditional styled homes here. The first 2 storey splits were built here in McCarthy Park. The design with the sunken main floor familyroom became very popular and became a standard layout in Regina with modifications depending upon the site and the builder. Along with the smaller lots came the PUD designation. Here, where the side of your house ends, your neighbour's property starts resulting in higher density. None of these homes were allowed to have windows on the sides to provide more privacy. Most of these homes are built with 2" x 6" construction and feature mostly stucco and cedar exteriors. There are no alleys here, just side drives. A lot of the yards do not accomodate garages but there are still some detached garages to be found. The average selling price in 2010 was $251,606 with the minimum being $213,000 and the maximum price being $296,000.  It's a good starter neighbourhood with a school and close to retail and sports facilities. There are just a few condo projects here bordering on Rochdale Blvd. Average sale price for them was $142,050. Minimum was $109,900 and Maximum was $189,900.


ROCHDALE PARK is located north of Rochdale Blvd and south of Mapleridge. It's at the extreme western side of Regina. There are only single family homes here with a few rental townhouses situated right on Rochdale Blvd. One of the nice features of this starter neighbourhood is the artificial lake and park that surrounds it. There is also a rink and leisure centre (including a pool) located on one corner of the park area. It's an area that was built in the '80's, has smaller lots like McCarthy Park but has a lot of the homes here have the more traditional front and back doors. What garages there are have been built past the home, into the back yard. No alleys so front access to the driveways. The average selling price in 2010 was $286,665. The minimum price was $234,900 and the maximum was $363,900.

SHERWOOD ESTATES is a great northwest neighbourhood with both public and elementary schools and parks and close to all the shopping, recreational facilities and services of Rochdale Blvd. It consists of modest bungalows and split levels and bilevels that are perfect for starting out. Sherwood Estates was built in the late 70's and was finished in the early '80's with some newer designs. There are only a few condo projects. Most of the area is single family homes. Few of the homes have attached garages. Some have detached ones with access from the front street as there are no alleys in this neighbourhood. The average selling price for a single family home in 2010 was $271,342 with the minimum being $210,000 and the maximum $361,900. And condos sold on average for $151,543 with prices of $147,500 and $160,000 being the minimum and maximum.

UPLANDS is a late 60's to early 80's development that is at the far north end of the city. It has Albert Street as the western boundary and Winnipeg St. as the eastern one. There is no shopping or corner stores in Uplands - just the way the residents like it - and you must pass out of the area and cross onto 9th Ave. N. to reach amenities. It makes it very secluded. One can't drive through Uplands as a shortcut anywhere. Perfect for a stable neighbourhood. There are elementary schools here however.The majority of the homes were built in the boom of the 70's and feature typical bungalows, bilevels and split levels. As you go north in the area, the houses become larger and many have attached garages. There are 2 condo projects at the south end that feature roomy townhouses style homes and there are also some garden style condos that were built in the early 80's and are just off 12th Av. N. The average selling price in 2010 for single family homes was $272,313 - minimum of $170,000 and maximum of $430,000. For condos, the average was $149,864 - minimum $123,500 and maximum $225,000.


WALSH ACRES  is north of 9th Av. N.  (Ring Road) and is situated between Pasqua St. and McCarthy Blvd. It's great family neighbourhood with both separate and public elementary schools and is walking distance to both highschools as well. It was built mostly in the 70's but the southwest portion was the last to be developed in the early 80's. Many of the houses were built to accomodate the housing boom but there are also many that are custom built homes. In general the houses in the middle and southwest part are larger and most have attached garages. There are no condo projects here but there are just a few low buildings with rental apartments. This neighbourhood has good access to all the northwest shopping and amenities and features lots of park areas. The average selling price in 2010 was $295,842 with the minimum home selling for 220,000 and the most expensive being 375,000.

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