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There are several different types of homes value. Your insurance adjuster has one formula to determine replacement value in the event of a claim. The city determines assessed value for taxation purposes. An appraiser does a detailed analysis consisting of currant market value and cost of replacement value to come to a specific dollar figure. But most homeowners are concerned with what their homes are worth if they were sold on the currant market to better assess their equity in the property. Market value takes into account a thorough home analysis and compares the subject property to recent neighborhood real estate activity and can be a very lengthy procedure. To reflect a fluctuating real estate market, a home's market value is generally expressed as a realistic dollar range for a specific time frame.

You can fill out the following form and send it to me and I'll do my best to give you a rough idea of  your home's market value. It won't, of course, be very precise as a proper market evaluation involves me inspecting your home personally so as to judge condition as well as those items that affect value but are difficult to list in a form. Some examples of these items might be how bright the home is, the view out the windows, the layout of the home, how the house is situated on the lot.................and the like. I'm sure you understand what I mean. These are all the things that make a house a home. But, if you are just curious about what the market has done since you purchased your home, the form will suffice.

If you are thinking seriously of selling your home and you are just at that initial first step to determine what equity you have in your house, the form makes an excellent starting point. Fill it out, send it off to me...............with an invitation to come personally look at your home with you. The form would allow me to make some preliminary research and come to meet you armed with some good information. Your home is such a huge investment that I take it very seriously when asked to do a market evaluation. They are not easy to do and take a lot of time if done properly.


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